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Westmoreland Sanctuary Young Birders Nature Club

April 20, 9am11am.
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Have you caught wind of Westmoreland’s cool new program for young ones aged 6-13? It’s known as the Young Birders Club, and it’s already creating quite a buzz!

Guided by Steve Ricker, Westmoreland’s Director of Conservation, and a lively group of young volunteers, the club is all set for some fun, hands-on education and conservation adventures.

For the next meeting, the plan is to embark on a nature hike and take a peek at the birds in the Sanctuary. We’re thrilled to witness this program soar – it’s a fantastic, fun-filled method for kids to explore and learn about their surroundings!

The next meeting of the Younger Birders Club will be Saturday, April 20, 9 AM -11 AM.

Feel free to email [email protected] or call (914) 666-8448 for more info.