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The Secret World of Elephants

Nov. 13, 2023 – March 31, 10am–5:30pm,
$14-$25 for NY, NJ, and CT residents

How do elephants “hear” with their feet? Or use the 40,000 muscles in their trunks? The American Museum of Natural History’s new exhibition The Secret World of Elephants reveals the latest science about both ancient and modern elephants, including elephants’ extraordinary anatomy, behavior, minds, and senses.

Find out all about these iconic mammals and their relatives, including the woolly mammoth, with your family today! Discover why elephants are essential to the health of their ecosystems and learn about inspiring efforts to overcome threats to their survival in The Secret World of Elephants—featuring life-size models, engaging interactives, and much more.


200 Central Park West
New York, NY, 10024