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The Peking Acrobats

March 22, 7:30pm9:30pm.

For the past 37 years, THE PEKING ACROBATS® have transformed the perception of Chinese acrobatics, pushing the boundaries of human ability with their awe-inspiring performances. Their repertoire includes daring maneuvers atop precarious pagodas of chairs, trick-cycling, precision tumbling, juggling, somersaulting, and gymnastics. Gravity seems to lose its hold as they showcase contortion, flexibility, and control. Accompanied by live musicians playing traditional Chinese instruments, the acrobats merge time-honored music with high-tech special effects, creating a vibrant spectacle reminiscent of a Chinese Carnival.

Since their establishment in 1986, THE PEKING ACROBATS have garnered widespread recognition through appearances on television shows like Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous, Ellen’s Really Big Show, The Wayne Brady Show, and more. They even set a world record on FOX Network’s Guinness Book Primetime television show in 1999, balancing six people atop six chairs 21 feet in the air without safety lines. The acrobats have also made their mark in Hollywood, featuring in Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven and its sequels, alongside renowned actors like Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney.

In 2003, THE PEKING ACROBATS made their orchestral debut at the Hollywood Bowl, blending their acrobatic prowess with the majestic sounds of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. This marked the beginning of their collaborations with prestigious Symphony Orchestras across North America. Their international acclaim soared in 2005 when they premiered in Italy, embarking on a five-week, twelve-city tour that captivated audiences and garnered praise from the Italian press. Since then, they have continued to dazzle crowds in seven European countries during six European tours.

Rooted in a time-honored Chinese tradition, THE PEKING ACROBATS aim to uphold and enhance the rich history of Chinese acrobatics. Each generation of acrobats adds its own improvements and embellishments to the tradition, and THE PEKING ACROBATS are no exception. They bring this ancient folk art to new technical heights while seamlessly integrating twenty-first-century technology. Clive Davis of the New York Post aptly describes them as “pushing the envelope of human possibility,” showcasing a combination of agility and grace in remarkable feats of pure artistry.


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