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“The Couric Effect”: A Conversation with Katie Couric about Media and Public Health

March 16, 6:30pm.
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    • More than twenty years ago, when Katie Couric got a colonoscopy on the air during The Today Show, there was a 20% increase in Americans who were screened for cancer. It became dubbed “The Couric Effect.” Since then, the award-winning journalist has become one of the most highly recognized cancer advocates in the country, working tirelessly to educate national audiences about health and medicine. Then, last year, she revealed her own personal story, after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
    • In an exclusive event at the Paley Center Podcast Studio, in front of an intimate live audience, Katie will speak with top New York City oncologist Dr. Diane Reidy-Lagunes for a recording of the podcast Cancer Straight Talk from MSK, for which Dr. Reidy-Lagunes is Creator and Host. They will discuss Katie’s journey with cancer, how media can educate and empower patients, and the impact of a journalist reporting the news of illness, especially with the serious declines in the rate of screenings during the pandemic.
    • Cancer Straight Talk from MSK is a podcast that brings together patients and experts to have real conversations about the topics that matter most in the cancer journey. From diet, exercise, mental and sexual health, to groundbreaking research and financial solutions to care, oncologist and host Diane Reidy-Lagunes is passionate about educating and empowering patients and their families to live happier, healthier lives.


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