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Phil Firetog Trio & Company to Perform at Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame

June 16, 3pm4pm.
free with admission

Phil Firetog Trio & Company will be performing LIVE music at the Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame in Stony Brook Village (97 Main Street, Stony Brook, NY) on June 16th from 3-4pm. The event is free with general admission ticket purchase.

For details on this and upcoming events please visit https://www.limusichalloffame.org/museum/

The Phil Firetog Trio is a band that mingles texture and layers to create music that draws their audience into ‘an experience’ of sound, rhythm, and cadence, continues to evolve and emerge as unique among the crowd. The members of the Long Island trio, Phil Firetog (Vocalist/Guitarist), Johnny “Pots” Potocnik (Drummer) & Liam Gordon (Bassist) have entertained the industry’s toughest critics & built a loyal fan base since the trio’s formation in 2015.

Each are seasoned, diversely talented musicians who blend their individual and distinct styles to craft a sound that is truly rare. Singer/Songwriter Phil Firetog develops music that is rich and intricate and spans the spectrum from clean to grit and ambient to rocking by mastering acoustic guitars with pedals and distorted amps. Johnny “Pots” Potocnik & Liam Gordon fill the spaces with complex & rhythmic grooves, intriguing listeners while they connect on another level outside the lyrical storytelling.

Currently undertaking an expansion project to include new talented artists (such as, Tye Granger on Sax, Brandon Rivas on Trombone, and Dustin Bartley on Cello) for special live performances, PFT has further enriched its signature sound. We welcome our new members to the new “Trio and Co.” and will continue a busy schedule of live performances while composing and arranging new material. It’s clear that Trio and Company will continue to reshape and reinvent itself in this ever-shifting industry while staying on the edge of new sounds and genres – never losing the essence of the core trio: ‘Rare and Transformative’.


97 Main Street
Stony Brook, NY 11790 United States