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Noodle Lane Grand Opening

September 22, 11:30am9:30pm.
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Park Slope’s premier family casual Chinese destination, Noodle Lane is planning its grand opening on Friday, September 22.

Founded 12 years ago as a seasonal vendor, Noodle Lane is an elevated Chinese and Asian Fusion experience inspired by the greats such as Big Wong and Wo Hop. While this Smorgasburg stalwart is known for its first-rate Dan Dan Noodles, Cheong Fun (an oversized, rice noodle drenched with peanut sauce and chili oil), Sichuan Cucumbers, and its most popular dishes are Lane’s Pork & Chives Dumplings and Soup Dumplings.

Growing up in China, Lane watched her mom cook over a wooden stove due to a lack of electricity and knew from an early age that her lifelong dream was to open a brick and mortar restaurant. While working in finance, Lane attended the Institute of Culinary Education at night and graduated with a degree in the culinary arts. Recognized for its bold sweet, sour, salty and tongue-numbing flavors, Sichuan food is the perfect complement to the mild flavors and soups of Cantonese cuisine.

Lane’s food is prepared with care and quality ingredients exactly how she would cook for her family. She decided to create her own dumplings because she couldn’t find any that her son liked. The ingredients were off; they were too thick/heavy and lacked flavor. What she landed on was the best dumpling in the five boroughs (which take 15 hours and 15 steps to make from scratch) with the perfect thickness, as well as light, subtle and delicious flavors.

Thankfully, Lane’s nine-year-old son has given her menu his stamp of approval, and so have her customers on Yelp (4.5) and Google (4.7).