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Manhattan: Dusk to Dawn

Sept. 5 – 30, noon–6pm,
The City that never sleeps. New York splashed in oil on canvas in those between hours from Dusk to Dawn. A bewitching stage set between realism and abstraction. Theatrical colors. Fireworks gracing the skies above the Brooklyn Bridge! Famous icons showing off their Glory! Rhapsody! The sky no longer passive but alive with the Golden Hour, the Blue Hour. That intensity of color highlighting the magnificence of ordinary structures taking on a character of their own. Artificial neon lights become a player as the anonymity of figures and wavering shapes weave in and out between the shadows of After Hours. The mysterious movement of the night and murkiness of her weather. The coziness of the indoors calling. Beckoning bars and restaurants. Fearsome Magical Gotham! And the promising Quietude of a morning dawn.