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In the Valley of Coming Forth: An AfroFuturist play by Dr. Herukhuti

This event has already taken place.Nov. 25, 1–3pm.
In the Valley of Coming Forth

As as a past attendee and one of our NYC-based CCCADI community members, we would like to invite you to this special presentation of In the Valley of Coming Forth, an Afrofuturist play by CCCADI Alum, Dr. Herukhuti, on Thanksgiving Weekend at the Weeksville Heritage Center.

Set in the year 2169 after a global apocalypse caused by the impact of settler-colonialism, imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism, and cis-hetero-patriarchy on the environment and climate, “In the Valley of Coming Forth” is an Afrofuturist, funk, ritual performance about a Black woman’s struggle to rescue her kidnapped non-binary child and destroy the system that has torn them apart.

Join us at Weeksville Heritage Center, the site of the largest free-Black community in the pre-Civil War age as we consider what it means to be free and the costs associated with our freedom dreams when we pursue them.

Come dressed in your Afrofuturist-inspired clothing, make up, and hairstyles to participate in this immersive experience and dance to the live and DJ-spun music with us!

But we’re fam, so if you don’t want to come dressed up, that’s kool, too. You’re just as welcome.

Friday, November 24, 2023 7 p.m.
Performance & Live Music:
House Band: Folachade Abiala (Hand Drums), Brother Wyatt (Kit Drum), Josh Boucicaut (Sax), Carlisio Keys (Keyboard), Dead Wildin (Guitar), VFerg (Bass), and DJ Sabine Blaizin (1s and 2s)

Saturday, November 25, 2023 1 p.m.
Talkback & Live DJ set by Brandon D’Lux:
After experiencing “In the Valley of Coming Forth,” join us in a community discussion about the themes of the play, the impact of European settler-colonialism and imperialism on people of African descent, and our relationship to land and heritage with a panel of cultural workers, community organizers, and artists.

Weeksville Heritage Center 
158 Buffalo Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11213

Ticket Options: 

  • November 24 (Performance Night) $20
  • November 25 (Artist Talkback) $15
  • Combo November 24-25 (Performance & Talkback) $25

Please use the link below to purchase your tickets today.



158 Buffalo Ave.
Brooklyn, NY NY 11213 United States