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El Mariachi Screening – Q&A with the Film’s Star, Carlos Gallardo

June 29, 7pm10pm.

With a budget of just $7,000, Carlos Gallardo and Robert Rodriguez collaborated on what is now one of the most celebrated independent films of all time. Gallardo stars as the titular character, a traveling musician who is mistaken for a ruthless killer and must survive against a gang who are out for blood. Since the film’s release in 1992, Carlos has had a successful and eclectic career in Hollywood. After starring in the film’s 1995 sequel, Desperado, Carlos went on to star in and produce several independent productions and even reunited with Robert Rodriguez for his 2007 film, Planet Terror.

Now, the Latin American Film Center is inviting audiences to New York’s Village East theater to revisit El Mariachi and ask Carlos about his time working on the film and its two sequels.


181-189 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003 United States