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Chetzemoka’s Curse – Dogme #10 film – NYC Premiere at Film Noir Cinema, w/ Q and A

July 12, 9pm11pm.
Chetz Curse promo 7824

The 10th film made according to the rules of the revolutionary Dogme 95 film movement.

Film created by Rick Schmidt (author of Feature Filmmaking At Used Car Prices) and a team of filmmakers.

(similar to what Godard did at 2018 Cannes fest) Filmmaker Rick Schmidt will participate in a post-screening Q&A using NYC indie filmmaker Sujewa Ekanayake’s cell phone – w/ Ekanayake moderating the discussion. A fun way to do a Q&A session perhaps.

About the movie – “Rick Schmidt’s 2000 feature film centers on Marie (Maya Berthoud), a struggling hotel worker living in the Pacific Northwest whose ambitions and love life remain stuck in neutral. No, this isn’t the setup of a cutesy rom-com; it’s the doorway to a haunting portrait of damaged souls trapped within the legacy of a Native American curse (think Stephen King by way of Richard Linklater).” – Ian Simmons, Chicago film critic

Tickets – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/chetzemokas-curse-dogme-10-screening-at-film-noir-cinema-w-qa-tickets-918638351037


122 Meserole Avenue
Brooklyn, NY United States