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A Magical Afternoon with The Good Witch of Salem” at Arts on the Lake

March 2, 1pm3pm.

Arts on the Lake announces “A Magical Afternoon” as they host The Good Witch of Salem. The Good Witch invites guests of all ages on an imaginative journey through an immersive storybook experience.  The Good Witch of Salem, Ashley Tina, is a teacher, children’s author and wellness role model for children represented by the vibrant color pink. Her mission is to encourage children to find the magic within by thinking and acting with positivity. Once children discover their own magic through self-confidence, they are encouraged to share their gifts with the world!

Highlights of the event include:

Interactive Storytime: Journey through imagination as author Ashley Tina reads “The Good Witch of Salem.” Audience members take part in the narrative, making the storytelling an experience for all.

Crystal Magic: The Good Witch of Salem gazes into her crystal ball to find those in need of kindness and love. Discover each crystal’s unique energy and message for healing, compassion, and self-discovery.

Affirmations and Intention Setting: Join in the practice of calming breathing techniques, affirmations, and intention setting. Discover how these tools can assist in your everyday life.

Color Cauldrons: Get ready, young wizards and witches! Explore the meanings of colors and brew a bubbly and colorful cauldron of your own.

Broom Decorating: Unleash your creativity, add your personal touches, and transform an ordinary broom into your magical masterpiece!

Meet & Greet: Visit with the Good Witch of Salem for book signing and photo opportunities

Arts on the Lake welcomes everyone to this unique experience. Come and be a part of a one-of-a-kind magical day filled with love, kindness, and the discovery of your inner magic! Tickets are limited and expected to sell out. Adults must accompany their children for the entire event.


640 Route 52
Kent, NY 10512 United States